AFA Leadership Team

AFA Leadership Team

Access for All is led by a team of members chosen by majority vote of the membership at its annual meeting. This Advisory Committee meets once per month at The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County.

Our current Chairperson is Ruth Vasconcellos.

AFA Advisory Committee members posing for photo at the 2016 PWAAA Ceremony
The AFA Advisory Committee at the 2016 PWAAA Ceremony at Cal Poly. Back row from left to right: Bryan Gingg, Bev Gingg, Laura DeLoye, Chris Parker-Kennedy, Janice Fong Wolf, John Lee, Clint Weirick, Ruth Vasconcellos, Paul Wolff, Kathy Hannula, and Rich Smucker. Front row from left to right: Susan Chandler, JOhn Lee, and Ron Vasconcellos. 

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