Local Resources

What Do You Want to Do?


  • Independent Living Resource Center
    promotes the Independent Living (IL) philosophy and its tenets of full access, equal opportunity, and maximum independence and self-sufficiency for all people with disabilities.

Be Prepared in an Emergency

Get Around (Transportation)

  • Adaptive Driving Systems
    Specializes in vehicle modifications for persons with disabilities, seniors, or persons who have a need for greater mobility.
  • Ride-On
    Provides affordable transportation to the people and employers of San Luis Obispo County.
  • Runabout
    Provides county-wide ADA complementary paratransit services.

Locate a Sign Language InterpreterWoman interpreting with sign language

Contact an Interpreter

  • Network Interpreting Service
    One of the earliest private sign language interpreting referral agencies established in the United States, now serving San Luis Obispo County.

  • Independent Living Resource Center
    provides coordination of interpreting services through the use of qualified interpreters at competitive rates; specialists work in legal, medical, work place, school, business and performing arts settings.

Use an Interpreter

Meet People

Modify My Home

  • EOC Community Action Partnership of SLO County
    Aims to empower individuals and families to achieve economic self-sufficiency and self-determination through a comprehensive array of community-based programs and actions.
  • PolyHouse
    Allows Cal Poly students an opportunity to learn project planning and management skills while exposing them to the benefits of community service by improving the safety and comfort of the homes of deserving citizens in our county.

Play/Get Fit

Take advantage of the many accessible activities available in our community.

Use Technology

  • Central Coast Assistive Technology Center
    A diverse technology center that provides evaluations, training and education while using assistive technology to increase independence and function.
  • California Telephone Access Program (CTAP)
    A state-mandated program that distributes specialized telecommunications equipment and services at no cost to Californians certified as having difficulty using the telephone, (either temporarily or permanently), including:  deaf, hard of hearing, speech disabled, blind, low vision, cognitive impairments, or restricted mobility.


Check out voting options available through the SLO Couny Clerk Recorder’s Office.


  • PathPoint
    Provides comprehensive training and support services that empower people with disabilities or disadvantages to live and work as valued members of our communities.

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